With the world feeling obsessed with ever-debilitating environmental concerns, skylights are enhancing their popularity by imparting a clean and 'green' option to the households. Installing them is a concern of any Atlanta roofing company because it garners all the benefits of installing an energy-efficient window at home. Home advisors have observed two primary reasons of growing penchant of skylights, i.e. the energy efficiency, and the cost-effectiveness. Skylights make the optimum use of passive solar heating and eliminate heat transfer thereby enhancing the efficiency. Upgrading to double pane skylights can reduce the heat loss by as much as 15 percent and as an Atlanta roofing company in a very hot climate that is significant because It adds to savings, approximately, $2000, over the entire life of the skylight .

In addition to these visible features that home advisors have observed, the reputation is on the rise because of their aesthetic value. Not only these facilitates the availability of natural light and diminish the purchase of expensive artificial lights, but also brighten up a room that permeates an altogether different feeling. With different styles and accessories, they can offer much beyond that of a conventional window.

Simply put, their advantages go beyond the environmental advantages and also add personal well-being. As these allow sunlight to peep in, people suffering from the deficiencies of vitamin D and B1 can substantially benefit. Confirming to this assertion, studies have revealed that introduction of natural lights at workplace leads to enhancements in employees' performance. These, naturally, curb the growth of harmful organisms that could have pepped up in damp bathrooms and basements. All these factors imply a good overall health, both physically and financially. Watching cloudy sky star-studded night from the room itself proffer a good sense of inner satisfaction. They come with a higher level of insulation and prove a better guard against noise pollution. Nonetheless, the biggest disadvantage is that they are prone to leaking. A leaking skylight not only snatches all the beauty it is intended to provide, but also rot the nearby area if not fixed in time.

Leakage might occur because of various factors including improper installation, the wrong slope of roof and selection of inferior quality skylights. With markets being stuffed with different roof pitches and roofing materials, selecting the right combination is a harder haul. As home advisors and Atlanta roofing companies have suggested, proper roof flashing is the key to preventing the leakage.

It is observed that improper roof slope is one of the major causes of leaking skylights. Installing them on a flat roof needs special curbs. Otherwise, the roof membrane will not get properly attached to the curb flashing thereby enhancing the chances of leakage. Experts caution that upper and lower saddle with steep flashing is the rule of the thumb while using slate, shingles, and shakes material. Solid flashing goes well for low slope roof.

To conclude, skylights have a good aesthetics and commercial value. They not only help consumers cut down electricity bills but also enhance the personal well-being by facilitating natural light to those rooms where there is no scope direct sunlight. Nonetheless, as any Atlanta roofing company would suggest, the beauty comes with some loopholes, installation expense being the major one. On top of that, there is a leaking issue with skylights as proper installation, considering the roof slope and skylight material, might not be possible always. Nonetheless, it is imperative to explore different materials( e.g. dome-shaped skylights) to have a nice experience using skylights.