Looking at some interesting information from another roofing company, I recently came across a statistic that made me sick to my stomach.

When filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, “92% of homeowners accept the first offer” that they get from the insurance company.

This is amazing to me.

This is like asking your health insurance company to give you a check to pay your doctor, without ever getting a medical examination.

We, as homeowners, pay insurance companies to protect our property against certain perils. Wind, hail, lightning, fire, etc. Then, when something happens and you need them, why would you:

  1. Allow a company that *you pay* monthly to remain a customer of to tell you what they owe you?
  2. Trust an *insurance* professional to tell you what the *construction* professional is *allowed* to do at your home?
  3. Believe that the insurance company will not act in their own best interests, as a business?

Insurance Reality Check

Let’s go one-by-one here.

First of all, you are a customer. The insurance company serves you. You can drop them. In fact, you can drop them right now. *YOU* are the one in control here, not them. The customer might not always be right, but you can be someone else’s customer TOMORROW!

Second, insurance adjusters (the ones responsible for deciding what you get and why) are insurance coverage professionals. They aren’t required to hold a contractor’s license, or even have construction experience. Don’t be surprised; the automobile insurance adjusters aren’t mechanics, and the health insurance paper-pushers aren’t doctors. So, why would you trust your home insurance adjuster over construction professional, such as an experience roofer, or a licensed General Contractor?